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CPW4U Canadian & World Politics
Instructor: Mr. R. D'Alessio   
 This course examines Canadian and world politics from a variety of perspectives. Students will investigate the ways in which individuals, groups, and states work to influence domestic and world events, the role of political ideologies in national and international politics, and the dynamics of international cooperation and conflict resolution. Students will apply critical thinking and communication skills to develop and support informed opinions about current political conflicts, events, and issues.


Gord Downie Canada 150 We Day July 2, 2017
#TrendThink is our own class hashtag this semester for use in our discussion board and on Twitter to promote social commentary and class-inspired observations regarding social justice and potential paradigm shifts #paradigmshift
Update to this story: Mayor Tory has come out against "carding"
General steps to following through on a project

2. Brainstorm ideas

3. Create Outline

4. Conduct Research

5. Revise Outline

6. Conduct more Research

7. Reference Research (

8. Write Rough Draft- turn your outline points into sentences

9. Proofread & Edit

10. Write Final Draft
Life Sentence
The Throne Speech promised that the government will change the law so that a life sentence means a sentence for life. Do you support making changes to accomplish that?
Charter of Values
The Parti Quebecois government in Quebec City has placed a bill before the National Assembly which would promote secular intolerance and deny rights to many Quebec workers.  The most controversial aspect of the bill would bar public sector employees from wearing any identifiable Religious clothing or jewellery (hijabs, kipas, turbans, crosses, etc.).  The Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops has come out in opposition to the bill. 
politically correct?
 Does the owner of a male barbershop have the right to refuse a woman's haircut?
Gord Downie quote
 I don't think you can throw over science and research for ideology and not expect there to be casualties.

The Pope in the news with some Vatican Politics
Rob Ford video back in the news
 CTV'S Ken Shaw reports Toronto police were probing the alleged crack video weeks before Gawker/Toronto Star reported it.
List of Canadian Prime Ministers
Better check who's in power. Is S/he a psychopath?
Bi-weekly garbage
 My letter to the City of Ottawa about bi-weekly garbage and its response is now posted in class files FI. :) 
latest Chompski interview
EXAM Review
 St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School

CPW4U Final Exam REVIEW June 2013

7 pages

Section 1: Long Answer (90)

Section 2: Definitions  (37)

Section 3: True or False (20)

Section 4: Matching (20)

Section 5: Essay (35)

Total:              /202

Sample questions:

Section 1: Long Answer: (90)

1. Name two types of government. Explain what type of government Canada has and describe Canadian society and politics. (7)

2. Explain and compare and contrast Liberalism and Social Justice or Explain and compare and contrast  Conservatism, Neo-Conservatism. (6)



Section 2: Definitions (37)

1. Pick 7 of the following definitions to define. (14)

federalism,  globalization, refugees, Coalition Government

2. Define anarchy: (2)

Section 3: True or False (20)

  1. Environmentalism is a 19th century British concept coined by the late Norman Vincent Peale which did not catch on until the 20th century when US President FDR talked about pollution in his “New Deal.” _____
  2. The UN is affiliated with most countries including Canada, however, Canada is currently not a member of the UN Security council. _____

Section 4: Matching (20)


A-Lucien Bouchard                                                                                                                                _____McGuinty


B- Jean Chretien                                                                                                                     _____ Bible Belt    




Section 5: Essay (35)


Choose one of the following topics and write a min. of 4 paragraphs expressing your opinion:

What to study:


Socialism and Communism, interest group, political spectrum, Michael Moore, Noam Chompski, union, Quebec issue,

Roman Catholic Church in Quebec in the 19th and early 20th centuries, notes, handouts, journals, previous tests, text work, Legitimacy, Authority, Sovereignty, State, Citizenship, Constitutionalism and the Charter (Quebec question, recognizing rights), public opinion polls, influence, spin doctors, federalism, equalization, Western alienation, globalization, refugees, Coalition Government,

Anarchy, Vatican, nationalism, theocracy, Cold War, environmentalism, The UN, The Red Cross, John Locke, Gandhi, oligarchy, the senate, voter apathy, referendum, Warsaw Pact,  commonwealth, Lucien Bouchard,  Jean Chretien, Bible Belt, sovereignty, Bill 101, Meech Lake,  Mayor Ford, monarchy, al-Qaida, G20, emerging democracy,  dictatorship,  lobby group,  René Lévesque,




"Dirty Wars" trailer
Jim Richard's June 5th tweet
 I have sent an email to the liberals asking for an interview about the gas power plant scandal, so I am guess it's been deleted #onpoli
Poor Harper
 Harper, as we saw in class, has less popularity right now than Mayor Ford! And now this:
May 6th Discussion
 For today's discussion board, please individually, or in pairs, get a laptop, scroll down to Discussions; "open-line" and discuss politics. Step 1: Complete the "Finding Your Place on the Political Spectrum handout, and discuss your score. Step 2: You may discuss previously debated topics fromt the class discussion board(s), or any of the links on the class site. Step 3: Discuss current events in politics such as the Ontario budget (go to the Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Citizen, CBC News, CTV News, or CBC politics (, or any of the parties websites and post your opinion(s), comments, questions, ideas. 
BIO Essay
If you have not yet handed in your biography essay, please do so ASAP. (also: p.212 1-7*)
Don Cherry
  Do you agree with Don Cherry that female reporters should not be allowed in male dressing rooms?

- Yes. It’s not appropriate and as Cherry points out, male reporters wouldn’t be allowed in women’s dressing rooms.
- No. This has been normal practice for years. Female reporters are doing their jobs and should not have different access from their male counterparts.
Dear students: As you were told in class (or if you were absent today, please note...) there was a test scheduled for today. However, the class successfully lobbied that the test be an open book test and so the test needed to be converted to an open book format test which was not done in time for today's class and more importantly, as I was not in class (I'm at the General Hospital in Ottawa for several hours today) it is school policy for the teacher to be present when there is any type of test. The test will be in class tomorrow. If you are away tomorrow, you will write it Friday. If you are away tomorrow and Friday, please let the teacher know and alternative arrangements will be made. 
Monday, April 8th
-Test Review (Unit 1: Plato, John Consel, Ann Coulter, Noam Chompsky, 9-11, political spectrum, coup d'etat, Li Lu, non-gov't organization, voter apathy, professional politician, conservatism, liberalism, anarchy, socialism, PC party, Liberal party, NDP, Quebec issue, Rhinoceros party, Fraser Institute, feminism, environmentalism, religion & politics (theocracy, Vatican, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dali Lama, US fundamental Christianity/Bible Belt), Israel, Iran, North Korea, gun laws, Micheal Moore, and nationalism) (10 true or false, 10 multiple choice, 5 short answer/definitions /30). (Bonus section on journals:
 Bomb Canada; Twelve Steps Toward Political Revelation, Rick Mercer on Stephane Dion, Why Capitalism, The American Canadian)
-Unit 2, Ch.5:Decision Making and Participation; Forms of gov't (Learning Outcome expectations: Identify factors that influence a state's form of government, illustrate an understanding of direct democracy and representative democracy; define the relationship between decolonization and democracy; give examples of dictatorships) (read txt: p.156-161) (homework: p.157 #1-2).
-Last summative assignments of term 1: Letter to editor (April 12th) and biography essay (April 16th) (famous politician of your choice, 2 source min., 5 paragraph min with title page and bibliography).

-Class Links con't
Term 1 Journals due: April 9th. Term II Journals due by June 12th
A reminder about journals
 A reminder that journals will be collected tomorrow (Thursday). Today, there were 2 journals, the second part of the Noam Chomsky journal talking about 9/11, US democracy, and the late Venezuela president V. Chavez and Rick Mercer on Stephane Dion. 
wiretap laws
 Supreme Court of Canada rules police need a wiretap warrant to access cellphone text messages. 
 Journals will be collected Thursday and weekly (Fridays) from here on in...FYI
Green Party update...
 There is a current discussion going on. Some Green party supporters feel that the Green Party, the NDP and the Liberals should cooperate to present one alternative to the Conservatives in the Labrador by-election? The 2 viewpoints are:

1) it’s time to end vote splitting and give voters one clear choice between the government and the opposition.
2) cooperation between the parties actually eliminates choices for the voters. The people should have the option of voting for any of the major parties.
Fair or unfair?
 There is a town in Brazil that powers its streetlights by having convicts pedal bicycles attached to generators.
Current in-class
Important in-class work on key figures: p. 129 #1-3 & p. 131 #1
Yea or Nea?
your tax money funding an aquatic centre that has a curtain to shield Muslim women while they swim? 
Quebec election update
 The Quebec Liberal party has a new leader - former health minister Philippe Couillard.

He won on the first ballot at a convention in Montreal today.

The 55-year-old ex-neurosurgeon replaces Jean Charest, who stepped down after the Liberals lost power in last September's election.

Jean-Marc Fournier had been interim leader since then.

Vatican Politics/NEW POPE
The Papal Conclave officially ended today. A new Pope has been consigned to lead the Catholic Church. He is the first non-European Pope in modern history and first from Argentina. On Monday we will briefly discuss Pope Fransis the First. There is a test-material lesson on unions on Monday and a test-material lesson on THE QUEBEC ISSUE next Tuesday, please see teacher if you are absent on one or both of these dates.
1st draft
 Never underestimate the power of a first draft. If you want to e-mail your introduction to the teacher Rob.D' I can proof read and correct it for you (you must do so before the deadline).
POLL Feb.22

There are concerns that disaffected airport employees of duty free shops, cargo facilities, ground services, baggage handlers & fuel suppliers may be suborned by jihadists and pose insider security threats. Would you approve electronic eavesdropping of air travellers & employees at the Ottawa Airport?

 Reminders: The essay is due Tuesday. If you mised a day this week, you may want to ask the teacher for an extended deadline. I put up several files on this class site with essay tips, expectations, and a rubric (mark-wise, it breaks down to 5 marks for title page; 5 marks bibliography, 10 marks mechanics; and 25 marks for the essay (i.e., 5 paragraphs min (no max.). But it's an opinion essay of your choice in topic. Your conclusion should state that you would like to see politicians do more of this______________ or start doing this_____________ or stop doing this____________ or support this____________ (etc). You can do the same topic as someone else. It's formal, thus do not use personal pronouns, instead say: "One could argue that......." And include 2 sources (you are allowed to use Wikipedia for 1). Possible topics range from abortion, capital punishment, health care, education, environment, how to deal with terrorists, war, marijuana, taxes etc. It can be a Canadian, American, or international topic. It can be any topic we debated in class as long as you tie it into politics. As you work on it, feel free to e-mail any questions to me: Rob.D'
left or right?
 In this course, you will be writing several journals whereby you will be asked to identify if an article has a left or right bias. Check this blog out and see if you can call it out as left or right and see if you agree or disagree (i.e., is Paul McCartney of the Beatles more or less ecologically literate than the Canadian gov't?:
Quote of the day
 "When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Today's essay tip
Be careful with the use of the word "like" in formal essays. We usually use this word to compare one thing to another or as a simile. But it is too informal in an essay to say "...promising to not raise taxes is like promising jobs for everyone." It doesn't matter how logical or clear your point is, you should say: "...promising to raise taxes is comparable to promising jobs for everyone..." "Like" by defintion can only be used in its literal sense. Therefore, you can use it to say: "He likes pizza." "This dog likes cats." "Canadians like hockey." Etc. 
Essay Tip of the Day
 In formal essay writing, when there is a question mark, it must be followed by an answer or theory in the next sentence that addressed the question. 
Labour laws topic of the day

Some female teachers with the Toronto school board are angry over priority for job interviews going to males and racial minorities. 72% of Toronto students are visible minorities, while about 22% of teachers are. Almost 80 % of elementary teachers are female.

 The state of Mississippi only officially ratified the 13th amendment this year!! Slavery!!
Today's SoundOff: Justin Trudeau made more than $1 million dollars as a public speaker between 2006 and 2012. 
$277,000 came from speeches since he became an MP in 2008. He charged for speeches to a mix of charities, 
education organizations and professional groups. Trudeau says his appearance helped organizations with their 
fundraising through sponsorships and ticket sales. Is your opinion of him better, worse or about the same after 
these revelations?
Willamson quote
 Marrianne Williamson: "There is no direct ratio between the amount of money we spend on defense, and how safe we are. The former doesn't guarantee the latter. If we spent even a fraction of what we now spend on defense to actually route out the causes of terrorism, we would be much safer." 
 In class the other day we were arguing over whether or not US citizens are allowed in Cuba. Between the time in the 1960's (during the Cold War) whereby JFK introduced an infamous embargo that made it illegal for US citizens to travel to the USA and 2011, only members of the media on business could travel there but now any US citizens with family members in Cuba are allowed to travel to Cuba.
New Florida Law update
In class on Thursday we learned about a new Florida law that requires all non-US drivers to hold international licenses to be in the state of Florida (i.e., regular licenses and passports will not suffice). The media got the story wrong becuse Florida modified the law allowing Ontario residents to use their regular licenses.
Aaron Rand
"The push back against Bill 14, the PQ's re-opening of Bill 101, has begun in earnest. The bill, which threatens to tighten language restrictions in everything from education, to bilingual communities, to business, is an amalgam of narrow minded and misguided views destined to plunge this province even further into financial hardship and, if it passes, another ABQ exodus (Anywhere but Quebec).

While it's hoped the collective opposition will fight and defeat these unnecessary and unwarranted changes, and challenge the PQ's assertion that these changes are being proposed because "the French language is threatened", there is no way to be sure this will happen.

That's why I believe it's important for ALL citizens to let this government know that what we don't need now are more restrictive and unfair language policies. People will see how severe some of these proposed changes are, and how malicious they seem in nature.

"mechanics" refers to grammar and communicatin skills. When submitting work, remember that spelling and grammar do affect comprehension (and your mark!). Incerrek spulling and gramma often make riting un-derstand-ible! The Spell checker will help, but remember that it is not perfect! You will still need to proofread you work. (See? Spellchecker did not catch the you that should be "your" right there)... 
POLL Feb.13th
 Should a drug dealer be held legally responsible if one of his customers overdoses and dies?
 Should tax dollars be used to train people to defend themselves against zombies?
Feb.11 Poll
 Do you agree with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn recalling the legislature next week to avoid an election, or should she immediately call an election?


- She's right in recalling the legislature, and the opposition parties should defeat her, forcing an election ASAP.


- She should face the people immediately. Being chosen by her party to become premier is not good enough. v. She's right to recall the legislature and try to work with the opposition parties.

New Poll
 What should happen to Senator Patrick Brazeau, who was arrested yesterday and remains at the centre of the controversy over senators' living expense claims?

- He should be removed from the Senate only if he's convicted of a crime.


- He should be removed from the Senate as soon as possible. Regardless of the investigation, Canadians should not be paying him for the next 37 years.
politicians give themselves a raise
 Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals gave themselves a raise in 2012 just before announcing a pay freeze for the public sector... Now... What’s your reaction to city councillors (Ottawa) receiving a 1.5 per cent pay increase?

- No big deal. After three years of freezes I don’t object to a cost-of-living increase.


- It’s a big deal. They’re making enough already and there were campaign promises about a four-year freeze.
Winterlude politics
 Should non-Canadians be allowed to vote in municipal elections? 
Breaking News
 "Since the Sandy Hook tragedy, more than 900 Americans have died at the end of the gun. There is no law which will prevent every shooting and act of evil. But if there is even one life that can be saved, we have an obligation to try. I intend to use the full weight of my office and I am asking Congress for immediate action, but this will not happen unless the American people demand it. If parents and children across America stand up and say 'Enough', then change will come. That is what it's going to take. We must act now. Let's do the right thing for our children and our country we love so much." 
-President Barack Obama, signs 23 executive actions
media quote of the day
 ‎"A newspaper is a device incapable of distinguishing between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization" - George Will

Quebec to change when students can take English in schools
Quebec Education minister Marie Malavoy yesterday announced she'll recommend that English no longer be taught in Grade 1. Instead, she wants it pushed back until Grade 6. At the same time, she also thinks not enough of the current history curriculum deals with the issue of sovereignty. In her own words, " Children in the first grade, are not ready to deal with the complexities of learning a "foreign" language while they are still learning the syntax, vocabulary, and grammar of their mother tongue." (fact: this does not seem to allign with all the research that exists on the subject. Professional child educators agree that a child's capacity to learn a second, or even a third language, is at its highest from infancy until age 6 or 7, and then begins to gradually decline starting at age 10.). 
PQ in power update
 Well, we found out this morning where the PQ government is planning to get the money they'll need to pay for the promises they made during the campaign. Not only will they follow through on their plan to tax high income individuals ($125,000+/yr) and businesses, but they're going to try to make this retroactive. 
The announcement was made not by the premier, but by her spokesperson. And as far for how this tax would be applied, the government "hasn't decided." They could raise taxes by ministerial decree or bring its plan to a vote at the legislature. If nothing else, this should finally heat things up in the national assembly. Ii will be interesting to see who stands up against this...
Class discussion: Quebec Provincial Election 2012

The Parti Québecois is promising Quebec voters it will forbid public employees from wearing religious symbols on the job. That would include Muslim women wearing head scarves, Sikh men wearing turbans, and Jewish men wearing yamakas but would NOT remove the Christian crucifix. Leader Pauline Marois says the crucifix is part of Québecois heritage.

Quote of the day
 “Of course I believe in the free enterprise, but in my system of free enterprise, the Democratic principle is that there never was, never has been, and never will be room for the ruthless exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few.”
--- President Harry Truman
force of likeability
On Coast to Coast AM last night, Professor of Global Marketing Rohit Bhargava talked about the force of likeability which influences our decisions from who we vote for, to who we befriend, to what companies we do business with. In a world where we often don't trust the organizations around us, we turn to the people behind them to build relationships with, he explained. Bhargava differentiated niceness from likeability, suggesting that nice people are afraid to tell you the truth, whereas likeable people start with a base of honesty. People such as (the late) Steve Jobs and Simon Cowell, who have been seen as not nice, tell you the truth to your face, and are often liked because of that, he continued. One tip he shared for increasing your likeability is to practice active listening, making sure you understand what is said, rather than just waiting for your turn to talk.
illegal swearing
 Public swearing has been outlawed in Middleborough, Massachusetts. It's a crime punishable with a $20 fine.

Should Canada pull out of the UN?
 Tory MP Larry Miller wants Canada to be the first country in the world to pull itself out of the United Nations. Share your thoughts in the general section of the discussion board.
Quote of the day
 Marianne Williamson
In our power to think about something differently lies our greatest power to make it different.
FYI, you can do a bonus project for extra marks to bring your marks up if you want. BONUS options: research 5 paragraph essay on cold war, Pearl Harbour, Hiroshima, NATO, NORAD, Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Peace Keeping...
Submitting files
When submitting work, please make sure that you are using Microsoft Word, notepad, wordpad, or power point... I am unable to open other files such as Adobe/PTF or Word Perfect (etc)
Voter Apathy
 Yesterday, we learned about voter apathy (also: mediocrity, nationalsim, anarchy).
Check out a 12-step program to overcome apathy at
being added as a member of the webpage
 If you add yourself to be a member of the page to be able to participate and receive updates etc, please let me know if you do not receive a confirmation as there are often technical glitches when adding members. Thanks.
Discussion Topics
Blog Entry Agree or Disagree (political corruption) Posted: Friday, August 10, 2012 at 4:49 PM Discuss
Blog Entry OPEN LINE OPEN TOPIC Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 6:01 PM Discuss
Blog Entry FDA Posted: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 10:36 AM Discuss
Blog Entry Is poutine a threat to our national unity? Posted: Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 7:14 PM Discuss
Blog Entry OTHER Class discussions Posted: Thursday, May 17, 2012 at 5:58 PM Discuss
My letter to the City of Ottawa about bi-weekly garbage and its response
 Essay Plan.doc
Essay Plan
Essay Rubric
Essays 101
Essays 101
Essay tips
 mayor ford memo.docx
Mayor Ford memo sent out yesterday (June 10th, 2013) to the world
 Unit 2test.docx
Unit 2/3 test
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